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World No Tobacco Day – Pledge taking

Report on Pledge Taking Event on World Tobacco Day

Date: 31/05/2021

Objective: World No Tobacco day is celebrated across the world on 31st May every year. It was decided to observe this day by the Member States of WHO in 1987 to draw global attention to the tobacco epidemic and the preventable death and disease it causes. According to the World Health Organization, the Covid-19 pandemic has made millions of tobacco users want to quit smoking. With nearly 60% of tobacco users around the world wanting to quit smoking but only 30% of the global population having access to quality tobacco cessation services, WHO launched a global campaign under the slogan “Commit to Quit” to celebrate the World No Tobacco Day 2021.

Details: The Pledge taking ceremony for The World No Tobacco day was conducted by Satrang core team of New Horizon College, Kasturinagar, under the guidance of the Cultural Head, Dr Neelima Dubey followed by Ms. Sundari K leading the team with Ms. Bhoomika Jayanna, Mr. Shrujan Devaiah, Ms. Aarshitha G, Ms. N.M.Rakshitha and Mr. Prateek Emmanuel on 31st May 2021 virtually on Cisco WebEx platform. The program started at 10:10am, hosted by Ms. Bhoomika Jayanna, welcoming Dr. Mohan Mangnani, Chairman NHCK, Ms.Keerthi Mangnani, Executive Director, NHCK in absentia and Dr Sunita Hangal, Director NHCK. Ms. Prerana Tripati, Satrang member, gave a brief description of the event in Hindi and Ms. Jasleen Bhatia, Satrang Member threw some light on the harmful effects of use of Tobacco. A small presentation was given by Dr. Neelima Dubey, the Cultural Head to give a visual knowledge about the ill effects of tobacco consumption. The program ended with an oath taking session by all the participants by appearing on video and pledging to restrict themselves and their family members from consuming Tobacco. Ms. Bhoomika Jayanna formally concluded the event with a vote of thanks.

Outcome: The program was successfully conducted through online platform and the message for No Tobacco Day was conveyed effectively to the students.