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Webinar on Campus to corporate through personal effectiveness

Date : 14th October 2020
Mode: Meeting Link
Conducted By: Department of Commerce
By: II Year B.Com
Time: 10.00-11.30AM

To build confidence, develop self-esteem, and to bring positive changes in the attitude and behaviour of the participants.
The session was very interesting and students got an opportunity to learn many things about personal effectiveness having an impact on corporate. Students got an enriching experience.

The session started at 10:00 Am and was taken over by Jonita Preethi Sequeiramaamour chief guest for the day. Who has a vast experience and skills in training on leadership, professional skills, HR, EH & S Engineering and technical training across the globe of HP employee.

The session was basically about what is personal effectiveness. Campus to Corporate aids in transitioning from a college to corporate environment. If the necessary competencies are not developed when they enter a corporate life, the short term and long term effect on productivity will be significant. There are differences in expectations and responsibilities in the workplace compared to the of college and Behavioural Training is a key part of this program.

Campus to Corporate is a soft skills program that helps students transition smoothly into corporate life. This session gave tips to students on how to become efficient through learning the basics of corporate communication, managing time, and the mind set shift that is required when moving from a college to a corporate environment.

The session was even more interesting with the examples the speaker gave relating to each topic. It was wonderful knowledge sharing session for the students.