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Unlock your potential


  1. To enlighten the student community the importance of skill
    development during the critical time.
  2. To enable the students to strengthen their carrier goals
  3. To help students understand the importance of healthy life style
  4. To inculcate the habit of optimism and developing good habit

A guest talk was arranged for II, IV and VI Sem BBA students on topic “Unlock Your Potential” tohelp themunderstandthe importance of utilizing the lockdown period to improve their overall skillsets, which helps them to meet the requirements of competition. It was a very interactive session, where the quest asked the students few of the questions like – what are their opinion towards a lockdown? How are they spending the time? How are they keeping themselves occupied? The speaker also threw light on how the pandemic situation might get worse in the upcoming months of June and July by updating the status of conformed covid-19 cases in India.

He also brought to the knowledge of students as to how lives and livelihood has changed during the lockdown period and the measures of state and central government to protect the welfare of its citizens. He also emphasized the status of insufficient medical aids and infrastructure which is making an havoc condition. He also quoted the disheartening situation of migrants and poverty ridden communities. The speaker then surprised our students with the fact that, the lockdown period is enjoyed the most by ‘’ student community’’. And how government is constantly making an effort to keep the students connected to their curriculum. The tentative plans of government to conduct the classes and examination was also stressed upon. Then the most important part of the session was to broaden the knowledge of the student community with respect to the overall impact of the pandemic on the world economy in terms of job opportunities and the future employability of the age group of 21-24 was highlighted with facts and figures. Later, he spoke on the existence of Technical education much earlier than the lockdown, which are the universities serving through virtual platform .and he also emphasised as to how this technical education The student community was also emphasizes on the healthy lifestyle and habits that can make them more carrier focused and to be optimistic in order to tackle the crisis period. Some of the motivating books like “ 7 Habits of highly effective people” , “ Think and go rich”, How to win friends and influence people “, were introduced to the students. Overall, the session really enlightened the reality to the students, and the students queries were answer with lot of patience and dignity.