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UBA student Team and Jal Shakti Campus


To give the awareness of Single use of plastic and not to waste the water in the college campus.

Jal Shakti is a programme that enables the smart usage of water and conservation of water through methods and technologies that can be used. We thought we have been chosen to serve the nation and we were so right, with our ideas and support of the college we were able to establish a group of people who would serve as representatives of each village. The members of Jal Shakti team did a campaigning in the college campus by going to different classes and each student explained about different topics like Jal Shakti, conservation of water, Afforestation and Deforestation and disadvantages of the plastic etc.

We requested the students to join the hands for the campus free Plastic by not using the single use plastic inside the campus. New Horizon College, kasturinagar to take a step to change the world by our individual supports to the society, by not using the plastics in and around the campus and also pass the awareness to our friends and neighbours. Can don’t let our next generation pay our choice.