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Technozarre 2022 LAN Gaming

Event Date: 24/06/2022 

Venue: Auditorium, Degree Lab1

Time – 12.00 p.m. – 2.00 p.m.

Event Coordinator – Vybhavi , Asst Professor Dept of Computer Science

Student Coordinator – Bishal & Lokeshvar (III Year BCA ‘B’ sec)


To engage and improve cognitive abilities, improved problem-solving skills and logic. Increased hand-to-eye coordination and greater multi-tasking ability.


Lan gaming consist of PC as well as mobile gaming and is generally used as a source to bring out hidden potential, at the same time improve mental state by allowing hand-to-eye coordination. BGMI is a battle royale were multiple players fight, type of large-scale last man standing deathmatch where players fight to remain the last alive. CS Warzone two teams of five players compete against each other, with each team having to complete certain objectives to win.

About the Event

Lan Gaming is a fun filled event focusing on gaming skills and technical factors. The event was based on last team standing deathmatch and Coordination between the teammates. Technozarre 2022 was conducted for intra department students of BCOM, BBA, BCA with the agenda of bringing out the gaming skills and talents by providing an efficient platform and recognizing young talents. The event started at 12.00 p.m. with 125 enthusiastic participants showcasing their vibrant talents.

The BGMI event comprised of 2 Batches, Batch -1 25 teams participated, and 12 teams were qualified and Batch – 2 30 teams participated, and 12 teams were qualified for final round. The final round was played in a thrilling and sportive approach by 24 teams.

The winners of the event were Saif & Zain (II Year BBA Asec), Tarun & Piyush (II Year BCA Bsec) and Abhishek & Niranth (I year BBA Asec).

The CS Warzone event comprised of 1 Batch 3 teams participated, and 2 teams were qualified. It was a multiple round matches.

The winners of the event were Mathew, Hareesh, Tejas, Tushar, Rushil

(I Year BCA ‘B’ sec),  Yaseen, Deepak, Joel, Sebastian, Prajay

(III Year BCA Asec).



Students learn to coordinate with each other and strive for the victory, a fun filled event which helped students to improve their hand-to-eye coordination and multi-tasking ability.