Students of NHC Kasturinagar

Student participation is of prime importance for all the activities of the Institution. The Institution has an organized Student Council which consists of selected Office bearers comprising of a President, Secretary, three Academic Secretaries, Cultural Secretaries and Sports Secretaries each from every department. The council also comprises of Class Representatives who have been selected by the students from their respective classes. The office bearers are selected by the class representatives, Principal and Teachers from the nominations received. The Student Council is guided by the Principal and Staff Advisors. Besides this, student representatives are nominated for all the committees of the college.

The Student Council members along with other committees members are involved in all the activities of the Institution. Student representatives of these committees are selected by the faculty in charge of the respective committees. All these committees actively participate in conducting various events throughout the year by involving the student members in planning and execution of the activities at intra and inter collegiate level under the guidance of the faculty in charge.

Objectives of the Student Club:

  • To promote the interests of students among the administration, staff and parents.
  • To inform students about any subject that concerns them.
  • To consult students on any issue of importance.
  • To organise educational and recreational activities for students.
  • To propose activities to the administration that would improve the quality of life in an institution.
  • To maintain good relations with the Student Club Staff (the principal, teaching and non teaching personnel) and parents.
  • To promote self growth.

Activities of the Student Club:

  • To organise and coordinate various activities and meetings throughout the year.
  • To communicate its opinion to the class mentors on any subject that concerns students which the council wishes to be consulted on.
  • To assist the teachers in organising the various calendar of events and put the plans into action.
  • To promote and encourage the involvement of students in organising and participation of activities and events.


  • President
  • Vice President
  • NHSC Cultural Clubs – Heads and Sub heads
  • Sports coordinator
  • Disciplinary coordinator
  • Class representatives

New Horizon Student Clubs

New Horizon College Student Club objective is to coordinate and execute various activities will engage and stimulate the students. The Student club provides support and promotes activities that help the student body nurture their talents and help them grow, according to their areas of interest.

To Name a Few

  • The Sports Committee headed by the physical education director of the college organizes Annual Sports Meet. Student representatives from senior classes are actively involved in the committee in planning and execution of all the indoor and outdoor competitions.
  • The Cultural activities of the college are planned by the Cultural committee every year. This involves interclass cultural competitions as well as cultural programs conducted during various college celebrations like College Day, Graduation Day, etc.
  • The Library Advisory Committee conducts periodical meetings with the members on the up gradation of the books and magazines. Feedback from the student members are also taken and considered while procuring books for the upcoming semesters.
  • Various special Committees are formed for all celebrations of the Institution which involves in charge faculties and student representatives. National festival celebrations include NSS students and Student Council members. Celebrations like Teachers’ Day, Investiture Ceremony, College Day, Graduation Day, etc. involves class representatives and committee members from all classes
  • Peer Learning Groups are formed where the active learners are involved in teaching and helping to improve the performance of slow learners.

Structure of the clubs :

  • Each club consists of One head (a final year student) and one deputy head ( a second year student) that is headed by the President and Vice President of the Student Council.
  • The members of the clubs will be elected once in a year, and is valid for two semesters.
  • Students are required to become members of a minimum of 1 club and a maximum of 3 clubs.
  • The club head can also elect committee members, according to the requirement of each club for the purpose of assistance (example; logistics head, treasurer, secretary etc.).

Rules of the Clubs:

  • Students can take membership in a minimum of 1 club and a maximum of 3 clubs.
  • The club members should meet at least twice a month between 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm.
  • The club should organise one event per semester, according to the prescribed calendar of events.
  • Student club membership is valid for one year
  • Event conducted must be approved by the Faculty Cultural Coordinator and Principal
  • Club heads will be required to maintain records and submit it in the format prescribed.
  • Club heads are required to maintain a database of students registered in the respective clubs. Posts Winners
1 President Antony Jennie Lissa (V ‘A’)
2 Vice President Tanuha G Shekhar (III ‘B’)
3 Secretary Tanushree V (III ‘A’)
4 NSS President Karthikeyan (III ‘B’)
5 Cultural President & Cultural President BNU Shrujan Devaiah (V ‘c’)
6 Cultural Secretary Anju Elza Mathew (III BBA B)
7 Sports Secretary Ganesh SP (V BCA ‘A’)
8 Academic Secretary & Academic Co-ordinator ( Gokul Kumar (V ‘B’)
9 Academic Co-ordinator (BBA) Chaitra Reddy (II BBA ‘A’)
10 Academic Co-ordinator (BCA) Sahil V (III BCA ‘A’)
11 Sports Co-ordinator (B.COM) Varun Rohith (V A)
12 Sports Co-ordinator (BBA) Hareesh MS (II BBA ‘A’)
13 Sports Co-ordinator (BCA) Deekshitha M (III BCA ‘A’)
14 Cultural Co-ordinator (B. Com) Aarshitha Giridhar (V ‘B’)
15 Cultural Co-ordinator (BBA) Harshitha KS (III BBA ‘B’)
16 Cultural Co-ordinator (BCA) Jethwani Sahil Manoj (V BCA ‘A’)