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Street Play & Campaign on Save Water

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Date – 09/07/2022 Time – 09:30 am- 01:30 PM Venue – Chowdappanahalli Village, Bangalore Rural, Devanhalli Taluk. Class – III & II YEAR B.C.A AISHE Code: C-20739 OBJECTIVE:

Save water campaign is to increase awareness about the scarcity of clean water and sensitize them about the conservation of water, a precious resource. The campaign aimed at reducing everyday water usage rate due to the water crisis in the world.


As Government of India implemented the Jal Shakti Abhiyan to create awareness and bring together all stakeholders in a mass movement to conserve and recharge water. Water conservation and recharge is of utmost importance to ensure water security for our country to protect lives and live hoods. Ministry of Jal Shakti has Proposed to implement with theme Catch the Rain, where it falls, when it falls” from March to 30-11-2022.

 The campaign should give a wider publicity to save water, plant tree saplings and take efforts to preserve rainwater in storage tanks and waterbodies in their respective village.

 About the Outreach:

A few days back we received an opportunity to visit Chowdappanahlli village by the BCA students to serve the nation and work for its development under the Jal Shakti Abhiyan “Catch the Rain – 2022”.

A massive rally with an aim to create awareness on water conservation was organised by the New Horizon College Kasturinagar. The rallyists carried out the messages on the concepts of Jal Shakti Abhiyan.

The team consisted of 34 members and we divided ourselves into 2 groups each group made an awareness on Save water and the disadvantages of wasting rain water, we the students of New Horizon College did a Street Play & Campaigning on awareness in the village and village people were friendly and cooperative, henceforth they will not waste water.

All students came together for a street play in the village of chowdappanahlli and spread awareness not to waste water also to encouraged & motivate people to save rainwater.

The campaign distributed pamphlets with messages on water conservation techniques and its implementation at various levels. The play was on street of the village near government school and residential area. The participants took a pledge to save water, plant tree saplings and take efforts to preserve rainwater in storage tanks and waterbodies in their respective village.

In his address, The Village panchayat chairman has initiated steps to recharge wells construction and create rainwater harvesting strictures to save water.

People have been urged to implement rainwater harvesting mechanisms in homes and commercial buildings to save prevent ‘water run off’ during rains, he said.

CONCLUSION: It was observed that the Rainwater is mostly free from harmful chemicals, which makes it suitable for irrigation purposes. Another vital benefit is that it increases the productivity of aquifer resulting in the rise of groundwater levels and reduces the need for potable water.