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Report on Webinar Conducted on “Agile Methodology”

Date: 12/6/2021
Day: Saturday
Topic: “Agile Methodology”
1. To provide idea about different development methods and procedures for software development.
2. To offer knowledge about how Agile Methodology plays a vital role in the software development lifecycle.

The Department of Computer Science organized a webinar on the ‘ Agile Methodology’. The session started by welcoming the resource person Mr. Ankur Kacker, Technical Team Lead, Firetide Networks Pvt Ltd. Mr Ankur made the session interactive by asking the question about the software designing process which made students more alert and enthusiastic. The resource person gave an introduction to software engineering and gave an idea of what software engineering. He explained that Agile methodology is a process for designing, delivering and testing high-quality software in the shortest time. Further explained the software development life cycle and the various models like waterfall model, V model, incremental model, iterative model and about Agile Methodology. Explained about differences between different
methodology and their advantages and disadvantages. The session went to be more informative as he continued to talk about Agile methodology. The webinar was very beneficial for all the students.

Outcome:- Understood the different methodology of software development and its life cycle, the importance of Agile methodology in the S/W development life cycle.