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Report on Industrial Expo Gamer

Deep learning is remaking the world a revolution has started, lifting AI from its academic roots and propelling it to the forefront of business and industry. Make no mistake; every nook and cranny of the modern economy will feel the impact of AI. All the traditional industrial sectors like energy, transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, mining, logistics, construction, retail, entertainment, education, information technology, government, and all their various subsectors will be transformed by the AI revolution.

The NVIDIA Developer Connect event series brings together AI developers, data scientists, researchers, academia, influencers and other stakeholders to look at AI trends, technology, use cases and India’s role and opportunities in what many are calling the fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s one of the partners with GamerConnect technology.

GamerConnect is the largest gaming technology showcase platform in Bangalore at Koramangala Indoor Stadium, Bangalore held on Dec 15 & 16th 2018. They have partnered with few of the biggest names in gaming – NVIDIA, Dell, LG, Zotac and Corsair to name few.

Our Principal Dr.Vijaya Reddy addressed the student’s by telling us the importance of the industrial Expo, benefits of the visit and motivate the students for developing the ideas of the Games and implement them into their projects. We started the journey from NHCK at 9:30 am and reached the Koramangala Indoor Stadium by 10:30 am, completed the registration and attended the inauguration program.

Students got the best experience of PC Gaming. To get experience the latest trends in PC Gaming like 4K and VR. Students play some of the latest games like Battlefield V, PUBG PC, Shadow of Tomb Raider, FIFA19, and Final Fantasy to name few. There are few activities students gained at GamerConnect Bangalore like Product Launches, Gaming MODs, Cosplay, eSports, Quiz and Gaming Workshops.

By attending this event students gained information about latest Hardware used for PC gaming, Freebies and Competitions, Kickass Gaming Rigs, Connect and Experience the GPU computing movement.