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RAAC (Result and Attendance Analysis Committee)


The RAAC committee was formed to monitor students performance and to improve their University results and also ensure that  the activities offered by the Institution conform with the established quality benchmarks.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Identify and counsel the slow learners and provide remedial coaching.
  • Find the students with the shortage of attendance and counsel them to be regular to the classes and to attend remedial classes.
  • To motivate students to excel in their performance.
  • To enhance the overall result percentage of the Institution.
  • To establish quality standards for conducting various curricular and co-curricular activities i.e. Curriculum Planning and Implementation, Teaching-Learning Process, Continuous Internal Assessment and Evaluation, Mentoring, PTM, Value Added Programs ,Sports and Cultural Activities, Intercollegiate Events and Fests, Conferences/Seminars/Industrial Visits/Placement Training/Career Counseling etc.
  • To create accountability among the staff in ensuring quality while rendering their services in all spheres to the stakeholders with special reference to the learners and their parents.
  • Students to be confident and capable to face relentless competition and coming up successfully.

Sl No

Name Designation


1 Dr. Baswaraj Principal Chief Superintendent
2 Ms.Sunitha.S HOD of B.COM Member
3 Ms. Jyothi.J HOD of BBA Member
4 Dr. T. Logeswari HOD of B.C.A Member
5 Ms. Nagalakshmi Assistant Professor Co-ordinator – B.com
6 Mrs. Pooja Assistant Professor Co-ordinator- BCA
7 Ms. Sudha Rani Assistant Professor Co-ordinator – BBA
8 Ms. Malini Counsellor Member