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One Day Workshop On MS Excel Managing DataBase In Corporate World

The event started with a welcome address and Principal’s Address followed by the introduction the about
Disha Foundation.
Today’s educational system focuses on the 3 things –reading, writing and arithmetic. This gears students to compete in the job market, but leaves them inadequate. This value based program equipped the students to face the challenges of life.
Disha Foundation created awareness about values, ethics and Indian culture to young minds. The resource person Smt. Rekha Ramachandran Disha Founder addressed our students and delivered a presentation on how values, culture and ethics are very important in life. Sri Pramodh started with importance of yoga, conducted physical activity like Yogasana, Pranayama and Basic games which help improve memory, develop concentration manages stress and achieve positive health. Smt. Sneha Damle conducted group Counselling, case analysis and self-analysis tests to enhance self-confidence, self-awareness and selfvalues. Smt. Meera Conducted Quiz, debate and discussions facilitate to honor the Indian scientific heritage. This activity made the youths to more patriotic.

About the Workshop
Session 1: Yoga: Students were taught about stress management, how to encourage self love and care. A
disciplined method for attaining a goal and techniques of controlling the body and the mind.
Session 2 : Quiz : There was a quiz session held for the students , all the students actively participated it
included many questions on current affairs and mythology
Session 3: Counseling session: In this session every student was given personal attention and asked about
their achievements, problems and hindrances
Session 4: Audio Visual round : In this session a video was played in respect with a particular issue ,
and students were asked to analyze the video and its outcome
Session 5: Games and Group dynamics: In this session many games were conducted to the students
which helped in team building and their overall personality development.
Session 6: Success talk: There was a success talk about great leaders, where the youth generation are busy in technological world and busy in mobile phones, the students were thought the actual value of life,
ethics to be practiced and its applicability in today’s world.

Smt.Rekha Ramachandran
Sri PramodhNataraj
Smt. SnehaDamle

The numbers of students attending the program were about 392 of first year (BCOM, BBA, BCA).The audiences were questioned about Indian culture and other life values forwarded with showing more informative Videos on values of life, equality kindness. Above all ensuring an inspiring moral, ethical and cultural value in human life of our students making them culturally strong and holding them tight to our roots.

The program was successfully completed with the help of resource person, all the students participated enthusiastically in the workshop. The key issues addressed is health, livelihood, food security, education, improving living conditions and access to public services. special efforts to actively engage local, state and national government authorities towards bringing policy reforms and changes to ensure inclusive development among marginal communities.