International Europe Trip-Feb 14 – 20 - NHCK
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International Europe Trip-Feb 14 – 20


List of counties visited

  • Germany ( Frankfurt )
  • Belgium ( Brussels )
  • Netherland ( Amsterdam )
  • France ( Paris )

Day 1 – 14th February : Germany

On 14th February we landed at Frankfurt a central German city onriver Mile at 5 o’clock and proceeded towards a local City visit where we had around 3 hours to have a personal visit of the city by walking thought the streets. The streets of Frankfurt was very clean and the road discipline followed by the people was amazing. After beautiful city visit , as instructed we came back to the bus by 12:30. Around 1o’clock we proceeded to the restaurant for a local lunch after which we checked in to the hotel BW Frankfurt neuisenburg . At 6 o’clock we assembled back at the reception of the restaurant and left for a dinner , enjoyed Indian food and had tight sleep.

Day 2 – 15th February : Germany

On 15th February after a breakfast at Hotel , visited Goethe university which was one of the most beautiful universities visited. We learnt a lot of things about the university and got to know that Goethe university was once a chemical factory which was used to prepare chemicals. In recent years, the university has focused in particular on law, history, and economics, creating new institutes, such as the Institute for Law and Finance (ILF) and the Centre for Financial Studies (CFS) .One of the university’s ambitions is to become Germany’s leading university for finance and economics, given the school’s proximity to one of Europe’s financial centres. After visiting Goethe University we had lunch at the restaurant and proceeded to St.Goar for a cruise of 1 hour. We enjoyed the scenic beauty of place after which we had dinner at the restaurant and checked into a hotel Mercuseseverinshof city ( cologne).

Day 3 – 16th February : Belgium

On 16th February we visited to Cathedral at cologne which was amazing The Cathedral is still the second highest building in Cologne after the telecommunications tower. It can be seen from nearly every point in the city centre and from many places elsewhere as it is about 515 feet . Later proceeded to Brussels city of Belgium, where we had a lunch and visited chocolate factory .We had a session about how the chocolates were made , from where the raw materials (coco) were supplied , used of coco , how are these raw materials (coco) used and the procedure and a live making of chocolate. We were also provided chocolates to taste after which we had a dinner at the restaurant and checked into NH Brussels Louise restaurant for the overnight stay.

Day 4 – 17th February : Netherlands

On 17 February after a regular breakfast in the hotel we proceeded to Amsterdam capital of the Netherlands which was a 3 hoursjourney after which had a guided City tour of Amsterdam of about 3hours. It was very knowledgeable city tour. Amsterdam being most densely populated European union city its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses fabulous. Cycling was key to the city’s character with numerous bike paths . We also visited a Dam square and Dutch family Colony which was historic and beautiful.Then proceeded back to Brussels had a dinner and stayed at the same restaurant overnight.

Day 5 – 18th February : France

On 18th February we checked out of the restaurant and left to Paris which was about a 5 hours journey .At Paris capital of France we went for local bus city tour and Seine river cruise which was about anhour with a view of an Eiffel Tower which is one of the amazing seven wonders of the world. We got to know from our guide that the tower is 1,063 feet tall being the tallest structure in Paris . The French military used the Eiffel Tower’s wireless station to intercept enemy messages from Berlin during World War I. Then after our dinner had overnight stay at IBIS Paris Porte D’Orleans.

Day 6 – 19th February : France

On 19 February after a breakfast at 6:30 we went to Schneider factory industrial visit where we had a session about how the industry works , its productions , its growth , its development and Technology utilised and finally after lunch we went to an Eiffel tower crossing the huge crowd of visitors which took about 2 hours to reach level 2 of Eiffel tower from were we had amazing view of the city. After our dinner , had overnight stay at same restaurant in Paris.

Day 7 – 20th February : France

On 20 th February we left to Bangalore at 11 o’clock flight.