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Hip Hop dance workshop

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Topic :Hip Hop dance workshop
Date of Event:01-06-2023
Time of Event:10am – 12:30pm
Profile of Guest Faculty:CEO and Founder of Dance7- the art factory,


Licensed National Adjudicator(IDO) India.

Guiness record Holder.

Description of the Event:The Resource person was the CEO and Founder of Dance7-The Art Factory . The event commenced with welcome address by Mary Sheethal of VI BBA and by presenting a token of appreciation to the Guest.



The workshop commenced with basic warm-ups followed by few techniques. There were 84 students who were part of the workshop  from both degree and PUC. The workshop came to an end by teaching the students a small choreography .



Overall the students learnt on how to start working on their basics and foundations which are key elements of framing a choreography.


The workshop came to an end by Vote of thanks.