Grama sabha to Gonighathapura Neriga , Chowdappanahalli Village and Kallahalli on 26-1-2020 - NHCK
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Grama sabha to Gonighathapura Neriga , Chowdappanahalli Village and Kallahalli on 26-1-2020

1Gonighathapura Neriga               

Anekal  Taluk

Devanhalli Taluk

Bangalore East





Bangalore Rural


3Kodathi Grama-Mulbagal

Activities carried out at Grama Sabha level

Number of Student/Faculty involvement: 75 students and 5 faculties

Interaction with Local government official: Head of Gram panchayat.

Brief Description (Discussion points/Impact/Action/Photographs):

New Horizon College, Kasturinagar conducted Gram Sabha to all the villages mentioned above. Students and faculties asked many questions to members in the Gram Sabha regarding problems faced by village peoples.

This discussion noted all the requirements needed by the villages for the deployment of the Villages.

·         Discussed about organic farming. And easy ways of using the organic farming like Neem oil ( Neem leafs are be boiled and then its been used for the plants)

·         Gave them the safety measures about Corona awareness. And we bought the awareness among them.

·         Instructed them about the menstrual cleanliness.

·         Discussed about the water facilities, how frequent, timing duration etc

·         Rain water harvesting, explained the easy methods to collect rain water and make use of them for agricultures.

Few common points of the Villagers are:

·         Two villages are requested for the dustbins. That is disposing the waste food products, papers etc.

·         Chowdappanahalli village requested for the playground for the school students.

·         Gonighathapura Village are in need for the proper Toilet facility.

·         There is a need of small repair works in toilet which is getting used regularly by students and another aspect of making painting of school building.