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With the industry becoming more competitive, companies are becoming more and more strategic in selection of the recruits. The industry nowadays not only looks for technical skills but also the overall personality of its recruits and professionalism. To bridge the gap between requirements of the industry and the skills of the students Pre-Placement Training was organized for fifth Semester students by Career Counselling CellDepartment of Commerce, Department of Management and Department of Computer Application from 17th August 2020 to 21st August 2020. The Pre -placement training program was conducted by the in-house trainers as well as the experts from industry.

New Horizon College organized “E&Y & Capgemini Pre-Placement Training” for final year students mainly focusing on Institute Interaction. This program was organized to create awareness among final year students about needs of Industry, expectations from them and various qualities needed for good placement. Students were trained by various experts from Academia for placement related skills.


  • Developing the students to meet the Industries recruitment process
  • To motivate students to develop technical knowledge in the field of Ms-Excel, Accounting, Auditing and Case study analysis.
  • Aiming to Place the maximum number of students through campus & off-campus interviews conducted by the top companies

From 17th August 2020 to 21st August 2020, Ms. Shashikala S. Department of Computer Application, New Horizon CollegeKasturinagar rendered session on Basics of Ms-Excel.

WebEx Link: https://meetingsapac10.webex.com/join/shashi127

Timings: 9.10-11.10am

The Contents covered were:

  • Introduction to excel
  • Features of Excel, Advantages and Real time application.
  • Component of Excel, Shortcut keys, and how to use formulas to make calculation easy for the scientific, accounts and business purpose.
  • Add charts for cell values and different type charts and their applications.
  • Basic and advanced filters in Excel, data validation concepts for validating data at user level.
  • Macros, its advantages and sorting.

On 17th August 2020, Ms. Kalpana Ramkumar, Department of Commerce, New Horizon CollegeKasturinagar rendered a session on Basic of Accounting.

WebEx Link: https://meetingsapac12.webex.com/meet/vkalpanaramkumar

Timings: 11.10-12.10pm

The contents covered were:

  • Accounting Terminology
  • Accounting Concepts
  • Accounting Conventions
  • Accounting cycle
  • Final Accounts

An exposure to the likely questions being asked in an interview will enable to furnish answers with confidence. The session began with Accounting Terminology- Accounting, Assets, Liabilities, Capital, Working Capital, Fixed Capital, Revenue, Expenses. The session enabled students to enhance their knowledge in the area of Basics of Accounting.

On 17th August 2020, Ms. Brindha N., Department of Commerce, New Horizon College, Kasturinagar  rendered a session on Basic of Accounting.

WebEx Link: https://meetingsapac11.webex.com/meet/brindhanallaswamy

Timing: 12.10-1.10pm

The contents covered were:

  • Accounting Equation
  • Sources of Documents
  • Accounting Voucher
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement

Interviewers are likely to cover all the basics of accounting and challenging questions as well. The second session on Basics of Accounting enabled the students to be well versed with Accounting equation, Journal Entries, Ledger, Subsidiary books, Journal proper and Bank Reconciliation statement. Bank reconciliation statement is a report which compares the bank balance as per company’s accounting records with the balance stated in the bank statement.The purpose of preparing a Bank Reconciliation Statement is to detect any discrepancies between the accounting records of the entity and the bank besides those due to normal timing differences. Such discrepancies might exist due to an error on the part of the company or the bank.

On 18th August 2020, Ms. Prathima K. , Department of Commerce, New Horizon College, Kasturinagar  rendered a session on Basics of Auditing.

WebEx Link: https://meetingsapac12.webex.com/meet/prathima.isbr

Timing: 9.10-10.20am BBA     11.10-12.10pm B.Com

The contents covered were:

  • Auditing
  • Objectives of Audit
  • Types of Audits
  • Difference between Accounting and Auditing

The energy and passion of the students were high and the zeal to learn turned out to be an interactive session filled with Confidence.

On 18th August 2020, Ms. Veena R. , Department of Commerce, New Horizon College, Kasturinagar  rendered a session on Basics of Auditing.

WebEx Link: https://meetingsapac12.webex.com/join/veenaca6020

Timing: 10.10-11.10am BBA     12.10-1.10pm B.Com

The contents covered were:

  • Vouching
  • Verification and Valuation
  • Company Auditor

The expected questions during the interview were discussed to enable students to face the interview with Confidence.  The object of vouching is to establish that the transactions recorded in the books of accounts are:

(1) in order and have been properly authorized and

(2) are correctly recorded. …

Vouching is the essence or backbone of auditing because when performing an audit, an auditor must have proof of all transactions.

On 19th August 2020, Ms. Jyothi J. , HOD, Department of  Management, New Horizon College, Kasturinagar  rendered a session on Case Study Analysis

WebEx Link: https://meetingsapac13.webex.com/meet/jyothijayaraj

Timing: 11.10-1.40pm

The case study interview is a critical piece of the employee selection process for professional service firms. The candidate is asked to study the problem, perform analysis and render advice on how to handle the scenario. Depending on the industry, the candidate may be asked to demonstrate how that advice might be implemented, and show specialized technical proficiency. The session enabled the students to do substantial preparation sharpen the skills that interviewers are most looking for.

On 20th August 2020, Ms. Sudha Rani. , Department of Management, New Horizon College, Kasturinagar  rendered a session on Case Study Analysis.

WebEx Link: https://meetingsapac11.webex.com/meet/sudharani518

Timing: 11.10-1.40pm

On 21th August 2020, Ms.Bhavya K rendered a session on US Taxation.

WebEx Link: https://meetingsapac43.webex.com/join/pr1709547438

Timing: 11.10-1.10pm

The Contents covered were:

  • Brief History of Income Tax
  • Heads of Income
  • Important Terms used
  • Income Tax rates
  • Introduction to US Tax
  • Important terms
  • Types of Taxes
  • Framework of US Tax System
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The session enabled students to develop the necessary skill-sets to handle interviews in the best manner possible. Established with an aim to bridge the gap between industry and university, Career Counselling Cell conducts pre-placement training sessions to equip students with necessary skills to help them excel in their respective fields.