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Department Of Commerce Value Added Program Personal Assessment Program (Pap) 2020 – 2021


Personality is what makes a person a unique person, and it is recognizable at different stages of life. A students personality has several components such as  temperament, environment, and character. Temperament is the set of genetically determined traits that determine the students  approach to the world and how the specify personality traits contributes to achieve in life.

Personal Assessment Program learning leads to changes in our behavior, attitude, knowledge and skills. This learning is a type of reinforcement, which helps the students to learn a change in behavior enduring by strengthening and intensifying certain aspect of an individual behavior. This Learning describes the process of acquiring ability to respond adequately to a situation, which has been previously endured.


It was observed that the knowledge of the students was satisfactory about the concepts related to student personality development. This course is designed to impart knowledge regarding concepts of behavior, attitude, interests, personality, values and skills.

Number Of Students: 57 Students

Class:  1st Sem  B.COM ‘A”

Number Of Hours: 20

Date: 14/12/2020 To 24/12/2020

Institution: Smart Solution

PPT Presentation on Leadership Skill

Trainer conducted interactive session with students and made them to understand the positive aspects of life.

Lessons are taught using real-life examples for improved learning.